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Photographer_ Taila Seeve

This is me

Fashion and Costume Designer 
Fashion Illustrator

My name is Emma Granqvist and I am a person who is driven by customer satisfaction and creative work. I value sustainable products that last for a long time.

I have accomplished several educations in the field of fashion, arts and design in Finland and abroad. I have a special interest in the sociology and psycology of fashion and I feel intrigued by exploring why people dress as they do. Fashion and clothing has a big impact on ones life and self-esteem and that´s one of the reasons why I love working as a designer.

In my holidays I like traveling and experiencing different cultures, which not only enriches my life but also works as an endless source of inspiration. I am fascinated by people and their cultural roots and that is something I like bringing into my designs.

EG Design provides: 

  • design and manufacture of custom-                                made clothing and performance wear

  • fashion illustration services

  • arrangement of creative workshops

For business inquiries, please contact:  

Pietarsaaren Sanomat, 2020
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