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The 21 ́st century is characterized by sustainable thinking and an active lifestyle. The clothing has to be versatile and made of high-quality materials in order to last for a longer time.

In today`s society we have the courage and freedom to express our opinions. Therefor, I have designed a print as a statement for equality in the multicultural  society we are living in.

I have designed a modern unisex outfit with a futuristic and Japanese-inspired look. My design shows that the differences between feminine and masculine clothing is getting blurred. The outfit is built up on layers and graphic cuts and consists of several garments which can be worn in different variations. I have chosen natural fibres only; silver Finnish reindeer-leather, linen and cotton. The outfit is aimed for professions where comfort as well as representativeness and originality is important. 


Frankfurt Style Award 

Finalist 2017
Theme: Modern Reality  
21´st Century`s Workwear
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