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Aw 2019 Collection
Designed at Instituto Europeo di Design, IED in Milan 

MELISMA -collection is inspired by Tribal House music, which connects two completely different worlds. Modern techno beats in the rhythm of African drums and melisma conveys a sense of freedom which intrigues me. My interpretation turned out into an urban collection with a mystic and animalistic touch it.


House music with origins to the African American gay community was aimed towards those who were disillusioned from society. On the dance floor you could be yourself and feel safe and accepted. As a reflection to this and to the gender-neutral clothing in the tribes, I designed several unisex pieces for my collection. The African tribes and especially the Ndebele house painting have been an important source of inspiration, in terms of colours, structures and graphic patterns.

The hectic life of today is taken into consideration with functionality as a main priority. MELISMA -collection emphasizes organic silhouettes and fabrics manipulations which moves in the beat of the music.


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