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Clothing is an important part of our identity. With our clothing choices, we convey messages and give others the opportunity to interpret us, our values and the culture we come from and live in. Individual clothing styles are common in larger cities, where international influences are accessible. The urban person can easily blend into the crowd and be invisible, thus the need for personal expression becomes more significant. The attire is also an important cultural expression, which visualizes our time as well as our way of relating to society's norms.

The Art of Being Me is a collection of fashion illustrations inspired by real people. The artist has observed clothing styles in Helsinki, interviewed eight people and made artistic interpretations of them.

People are quick to judge others by appearance, especially when it comes to foreign cultures and people who stick out from the majority. The purpose of this project is to emphasize both individuality and multiculturality through fashion illustration as well as to raise awareness of the fact that clothing is not just an outer shell.


The Art of Being Me

A collection of fashion illustrations inspired
by real people
Bachelor´s thesis
Fashion and Costume Design
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